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Consulting Expertise

K-12 Schools, Studios and Higher Education

Arts Values - Alignment & Cohesion 

Strengthen your arts department by identifying the values of the school and arts faculty in order to better serve your students. Aligning experiences in the arts with these values will create more meaningful experiences for all students and will give your arts program the respect and prestige it deserves.

Arts Curriculum - Scope & Sequence

How does a student's experience in the arts continue to build year after year? Take a closer look at curriculum alignment and progression across your arts offerings. This includes integrating the National Standards for Arts Education as well as identifying key student experiences in the arts across all arts disciplines.

Cara teaching

Adding Dance Programs

Looking to create more robust arts programming in your school/district? It’s easy. Include dance. A dance program widens pathways within the arts for students and positions your school as a leader in the arts. 

For the last decade, I have taught dance in independent schools as a full-time faculty member. I've designed and curated a curriculum for dance electives that are seamlessly integrated into the school day. For years I've successfully balanced performance-driven and process-driven dance practice to intentionally meet each child where they are.


Dance teacher expertise also extends to working with athletes on whole-health topics like anatomy and injury prevention. This can be a differentiator for your school, where students can explore new possibilities and follow personal passions.

I would love to discuss the inclusion of dance as an art form at your school and how to  best build a program that fits the school's and the students' needs.


Portfolio Development 

Showcase your talent as an artist with a polished portfolio. Design a portfolio that is tailored to your voice and is a true reflection of you. Artifacts can include a video reel, photography, written artist statement, and any other medium that feels important and relevant to you.

Audition Preparation

One-on-one feedback when preparing for an audition is a valuable tool to make sure the time and work you are putting in is reflected in your delivery. Attention will be given not only to your performance quality but to several key areas such as: 

  • body language/awareness from beginning-to-end of the audition process

  • vocal confidence in slate and interview answers

  • overall 'look' of attire, hair etc.

In the studio


A truly great coach/teacher/mentor reminds you of the value in your short-term and long-term goals and believes you can get there. Whether you need a boost of encouragement or a healthy push,  I provide direction for ways to grow and take risks in the following areas:

  • Technique training in multiple dance styles

  • Movement Confidence​ in Actors

  • Creativity, Design, Composition, Choreography

  • Stretching/Flexibility for Athletes

  • Movement Improvisation

  • Writing - developing your Artist's voice

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