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My design experience covers a range of digital media platforms. Whether you need audio, visual, print or all of the above, I am well-versed in designing and editing within the following tools and constantly researching new methods.


Individualized logo designs or carefully laid out social media graphics in a signature style. Custom posters, flyers etc.


Clean music cuts, edits and transitions. Fade in/out between a medley of songs or add sound effects. 

iMovie/Adobe Rush

Promote your next event or highlight special moments.  I specialize in promo or hype videos under 4 minutes in length.

Canva Examples
Music Editing Example
Video Editing Example

Website Design/Maintenance

I've been designing websites for several years now. Teachers are required to create and update their sites regularly so students and families have clarity of communication and access to necessary resources. My priorities in my website designs are clean visuals, easy navigation and consistent styling.

Contact me to get a quote for your next project.

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